LLC Binders is a road construction company of national capital that will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018.

The company has lived through a long, complicated, but successful course of development. It has managed to survive during the economic turbulence times in mid 90-ties of last century; it has developed rapidly and successfully at the beginning of this century; it has worked providently to suffer as damage as possible during the period of recent economic crisis and during the last years it has managed to stabilize as currently most voluminous, strongest road construction company in Latvia.

The company Binders has everything that is required for building and reconstruction of voluminous infrastructure objects, complicated engineering communications and specific railway and airfield projects.

Binders is not afraid to bring forward fearless targets and can attain those. The strength of the company is a professional team formed by both knowledge and even temper of experienced road construction experts and enthusiasm and ardency of young, perspective specialists.