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At the same time as road construction, the company also has experience in the construction and reconstruction of the infrastructure of railways, tram ways, racing tracks, ports and airfields. The range of construction services of Binders also includes the construction of external water and sewerage networks.

The asphalt-concrete production plants in Vangaži and Daugavpils, producing materials for covers of roads, help to ensure a high-quality construction process. Raw materials of the production process and the quality of the already produced products are tested and examined by the road construction materials testing laboratory of the company in Vangazi and its branch in Daugavpils.

Specialists of the Geodesy Department provide a wide range of services by using the latest generation technologies for the needs of the company as well as external customers.

There is a broad range of building equipment and machinery available at the disposal of the company. Technical maintenance, repairs and logistics is provided by the Mechanisation Department of Binders, located in Saulkrasti and Ragana.

The construction process and results are examined by the internal quality control units of the company.

Number of employees during the active construction season – approximately 500.
During one construction work season the company works within the framework of implementation of approximately 50 different construction projects.
Locations of company departments of Binders and the company owned by it: Riga, Daugavpils, Saulkrasti, Vangaži, Ragana, Limbaži.

Binders is the owner of 100% of the road construction company Limbažu ceļi.