The most significant facts about the company during the past 20 years:


• foundation – 25 November 1993;

• during 2001–2002, thanks to the rapid development of the whole industry and the EU funding for several large-volume projects in road building and reconstruction in Latvia, the company experienced growth in turnover;

• in the June of 2005, within the framework of unlimited partnership Binders un partneri, the company concluded financially the largest contract in the company’s history, in the amount of 44.5 million EUR, with a public limited company Latvijas Valsts ceļi on the reconstruction of the road Via Baltica in the 40 km long section Skulte-Svētciems;

• August of 2006 – reconstruction and extension of a railway access road for the asphalt concrete plant in Vangaži, which significantly optimised the delivery of imported raw materials;

• 1 August 2007 – opening of the new asphalt concrete plant in Vangaži. The former plant in Vangaži was the oldest road construction materials plant in Latvia, which had experienced several technological transformations and reconstructions, until in 2006 the company decided to dismantle the plant and build a new modern asphalt concrete plant in its place, which was developed by the German company AMMANN Asphalt GmbH after the request of Binders;

• 2006 –  so far the fastest growing turnover of the company, in comparison with the previous year – almost double;

• in 2008, Binders was the first in Eastern Europe to use the asphalt anti-segregation equipment which before laying changes the asphalt into its initial condition, quality of which is partially decreased during the transportation of asphalt from the plant to the object; 

• in 2008 – so far the highest turnover of the company, 49.5 million LVL;

• in 2008, Binders acquired ownership of shares in Limbažu ceļi Ltd.

• in 2009, the first contract concluded with a foreign customer – the company was acknowledged as the best bidder within the international competitive bidding of the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency for the first stage of reconstruction of the Lielvārde airfield;

• in 2011, the Daugavpils transport hub, which was constructed by Binders, was awarded with the big prize in the category Engineering Structures within the framework of the exposition Building of the Year in Latvia 2011 organised by the Latvian Builders Association;

• in the autumn of 2012, an asphalt concrete plant starts to operate in Daugavpils