About company

RCF LLC "Binders" is a road construction company established in 1993. Currently the most voluminous, strongest company in the sector in Latvia which professionally and responsibly performs building and reconstruction of infrastructure objects of any volume and complexity.

The company was established by attracting the material, technical and specialist resources of the former Saulkrasti 2nd Road Construction District (2.CBR).  Mechanization department of the company is still located in Saulkrasti, having a wide range of road construction machinery and mechanisms and the repair shops required for their maintenance.

The company has two asphalt-concrete production plants, in Vangaži and in Daugavpils. Both of them produce various road coverings meeting the highest quality requirements. An accredited road construction material testing laboratory is operating within the company that verifies the quality of raw materials for production processes and the produced material.

The geography of objects built and reconstructed by "Binders" is wide. The company has worked mainly in Vidzeme region, near Riga and in Riga, while during the last years voluminous infrastructure objects have been built or the construction is ongoing in Latgale and Kurzeme as well.

"Binders" is a construction company for wide range of infrastructure objects, because along with building and reconstructing roads the company is competitive also in construction of specific railway and airfield infrastructure projects. During the recent years the company has increased also the volumes of engineering communication construction and now construction of external water and sewerage networks is a substantive field of activity.


• Average number of employees, considering the fact that road construction is of seasonal nature - 400.

• Provisional turnover in 2013 - 76,3 million EURO.

"Binders" is a 100% owner of the road contruction company 'Limbažu ceļi".

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