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Construction and upgrading of infrastructure at Riga International Airport


Customer: SJSC Riga International Airport
Construction: June-November 2020

Construction of high-speed exit taxiway

12,003 m2 of surface volume
1,245 m of drainage installed
181 m of rainwater sewerage installed
15,400 m of utility cables

Runway resurfacing

Replacement of asphalt pavement – 5.7 km
5 km of 7 m-wide runway side safety lanes
0.7 km of the entire runway width
Top layer resurfacing – 78,292.17 m2
3,776 m of gutters built
To reinforce the pavement and spread the load evenly, a special geogrid was laid under the asphalt layers – 31,653 m.

The construction works also included the construction of a drainage system and rainwater sewerage, as well as the renovation of the lighting system, the application of horizontal markings and landscaping.

All technological construction processes at the airfield only took place at night when there were no flights. The deliveries of materials and logistics of construction equipment and machinery also took place during this time.

Unlike road construction, several technological processes at the airfield took place simultaneously – for example, the new asphalt pavement was laid at the same time as the existing one was milled.  Construction of the new taxiway was organised according to the same principle.