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Construction of street infrastructure for servicing of traffic terminal in Jelgava


Contracting Authority: Jelgava City Council.
Period of construction: 2014 - 2015.

Construction of street infrastructure needed for servicing a traffic terminal in Jelgava.

An EU co-funded project that foresees construction of infrastructure and engineering communications in a number of streets in Jelgava. According to it, a section of Stacijas iela from Pasta iela to Zemgales prospekts, a section of Zemgales prospekts from Stacijas iela to Jāņa iela, a section of Pasta iela from Jāņa iela to Stacijas iela, a section of Sporta iela from Zemgales prospekts to the building on Sporta iela 2 are to reconstructed, in a section of this street from Zemgales prospekts to Pasta iela construction works are planned, but surfacing of the carriageway and pavements of Jāņa iela from Zemgales prospekts to Pasta iela, as well as on Palīdzības iela is to be reconstructed.

As for the traffic organisation, the biggest changes are expected on Pasta iela that currently is a one-way street but after the reconstruction the traffic will be organised in both directions. There will be a parking place for 240 cars constructed on Sporta iela and a final stop (bus stops) for the city’s public transport on Zemgales prospekts.

In these territories, engineering communications – water supply, sewage water, and domestic sewage water systems, power supply, lighting, and a system of traffic lights – will be constructed or fully reconstructed.

Archaeological supervision is performed during the project implementation.