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Construction of the Ķekava bypass road


Contracting Authority of the project: Latvijas Valsts ceļi VSIA.
Design and construction: Kekava ABT AS (Luxembourg investment fund TIIC 2 (SCA) SICAR, A.C.B. AS, Road construction company Binders SIA).
Construction subcontractor: road construction company Binders SIA.
Supervision of the construction: Firma L4 SIA.
Construction period: December 2021 – October 2023.
Construction was carried out without technological interruption in winter.

The bypass is a more than 17 km long route, which reduces transit traffic through Ķekava and several other settlements.

The construction of the Ķekava bypass was the first public-private partnership (PPP) infrastructure project in the Baltic states to follow the model: “Design – Build – Finance and Maintain”.

The Ķekava bypass is part of the Bauska highway, the main national motorway Riga – Bauska – Lithuanian border (Grenctāle) (A7) from 7.78 to 25.0 km.

Detailed information on the project and the scope of construction is available HERE (information from Latvijas Valsts ceļi VSIA).