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Construction of the rallycross track in Biķernieki Complex Sports Base


Customer: SJSC Ceļu satiksmes drošības direkcija.
Construction period: summer 2016.


According to the project the company built a race track with a total length of 1300 m. Approximately 700 m of it was reconstruction of the existing surface, and 500 m was construction of a new section of the track. 460 m of the new rallycross track is gravel or “dirt road”surface, typical of rallycross.

The company built the system of power supply and external engineering networks, a new collector of rain water sewer and drainage network with a total length of 600 m.

The Rallycross track is equipped with an innovative F1 standard safety equipment developed in Switzerland, which consists of several globally innovative solutions.

Binders is the first construction company in Latvia that has built a rallycross meeting the requirements of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

Road construction engeneers applied special technological process for laying the gravel surface section. The composition of the so-called “dirt road”included a mixture of mineral materials and cement, which had to be connected to the asphalt. Before construction of the surface the material was repeatedly tested and was laid on the track by asphalt concrete pavers aiming to achieve as smooth a coating as possible. In the “dirt road” section three jumps were built, the parameters of which were tested during the construction by the best racing drivers in Latvia.

Characteristics and the construction quality of the new rallycross track were praised world-class motor sport stars, who participated in the Latvian stage of the world championship for rallycross (World RX) in Biķernieki.