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Reconstruction of highway E22 section Tīnūži-P32


Customer: Joint Stock company "Latvijas Valsts ceļi".
Project: AS "Ceļuprojekts", construction monitoring - "Latroad", "Polyroad", "Firma L4".
Reconstruction period: 2010 - 2013.

Road construction company, SIA “Binders”,  in 2013 finished reconstruction of a section (Tīnūži – motor road P32) of the motor road E22 that had been launched in 2010. “Binders” reconstructed more than a half of the total of 60 km of the repaired and built section Tīnūži – Koknese of the motor road E22.

Before the reconstruction, 18 km of the road in the company’s “Binders” construction zone had old asphalt surfacing, but 17 km – gravel surfacing. The company in total has repaired 35 km of the primary road,  constructed 25 km of sidings, six new two-level traffic knots with ramps and elevated roads, 22 artificial buildings – tunnels, overpasses, as well as installed technical communications. Asphalt in three layers has been laid.

Traffic safety elements have been constructed in the object in the length of more than 20 km, such as a protection fence against wild animals, roadsides have been equipped with barriers, and light systems have been installed in all crossings.
As for the amount, the section reconstructed is one of the biggest road reconstruction objects in Latvia in the last twenty years. Very many traffic knots and sidings had to been built within the reconstruction.