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Reconstruction (reinforcement) of the surface of the motorway A2 Riga-Sigulda-Estonian Border in the section km 25.50-39.40 and in the section km 0.00-01.65 of the motorway A3 Inčukalns-Valmiera


Customer: SJSC Latvijas Valsts ceļi.
General construction contractor: association of suppliers Binders un ACB.
Period of construction: 2019-2020

The project included the reconstruction of the road surface recycling technology – the old asphalt surface was milled, new mineral material (crushed stone) was added to strengthen the pavement, mixing it with cement, levelling, compacting and laying three layers of new asphalt concrete pavement on top.

7 road overpasses at the “Sēnīte” junction and 2 overpasses at Vangaži, the Straujupīte culvert in Vangaži and 2 pedestrian tunnels at “Sēnīte” were renovated, and the surface of the bridge across the River Gauja (A3) was restored as well.

6 passenger pavilions and 13 passenger platforms were completed. 17 km of safety barriers were installed.