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The reconstruction of a section of the racetrack at Biķernieki Complex Sports Base


Customer: SJSC "Ceļu satiksmes drošības direkcija".
Constructiopn period: summer 2015.

In compliance with the project various renovation work types and volumes were completed in some sections of the racetrack, however the largest amount of work was performed in the 734-meter-long section from the START position to the spot on the track where the “Elbow” bend ends.
Leaving intact the lower structures of the track, an average of 5 cm of the old asphalt concrete surface was milled, there was poured an asphalt-concrete levelling layer of 2 -3 cm, on which without longitudinal seams there was decked a 5-cm-thick asphalt concrete surface layer with poly-modified bitumen.
In five sections of the track there were installed new concrete protective barriers and protective fences, as well as curbs along the track curves and banking turns.

The full reconstruction of the track also of the surface subsoil layers was carried out in the section passing over the pedestrian tunnel, including the construction of the pumping station, new drainage system and collector. According to the project there was reconstructed also the pedestrian tunnel