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SIA Binders – 2021

For companies producing and laying asphalt, the 2021 construction season brought much work, as repairing asphalt-surface roads made up most of the overall amount of construction done during the year. This meant a lot of business for asphalt concrete manufacturers, asphalt laying teams and other entities that handled the process, from the purchasing of raw materials, to the quality control of the final result. This is reflected in the data on the company’s 2021 operating results.


In 2021, the Binders road construction company worked on road and outdoor utility line construction projects in almost all of Latvia’s regions, as well as in Lithuania,

where the reconstruction was completed for a 14-km section of the regional road between Kūlupenai and Darbenai, near Palanga. The gravel road underwent a full renovation, with a complete change of the surface structure.

This year also saw the completion of the project that the company was working on at the Riga International Airport, involving the construction and renovation of its infrastructure. A fast taxiway was built, and the surface of a section of almost 6 km of the runway was renovated.

This year, the company also carried out a few asphalt surface renovation projects on national roads in Latgale and Vidzeme.

One of the biggest of those ended in autumn. An 8-km section of the A13 national road near Rēzekne was changed in just under a year. The surface was replaced over 12 km of the Tallinn national road (A1). At nighttime, the asphalt was also changed in a 14-km section of the A5 Riga bypass road.

Late summer was marked with the end of a construction project that the company began in 2020 in Baloži: the reconstruction of a section of Uzvaras Avenue. The construction resulted in a complete renovation of the street surface, and much was done to repair the underground utility lines there.

The construction that began last year in Riga saw an intense continuation this year, with the construction of the Rīga–Skulte road. The construction of this road in the Sarkandaugava neighbourhood has been one of the most prominent infrastructure development projects in recent years in Riga. It is carried out by the OTC contractor consortium, consisting of three Latvian construction companies: SIA Binders, AS LNK Industries, and AS Latvijas tilti ( Photos: LNK Industries).

Binders also worked on an interesting and complex project in Turaida this year, with plans to complete it in 2022: the reconstruction of a section of more than 4 km of the A8 regional road between Turaida and Sigulda. The project involves the rebuilding of the road structure and a complete replacement of the surface of the road. The site is located in the historical old valley of the Gauja river, and it is one of the places in Latvia with the most active geodynamic processes today. Importantly, this work is being done within the Gauja National Park, valuable for its nature and cultural historic landscapes, which imposed very strict limitations in terms of where the construction could take place, what technologies could be used, and how this work should be organised.

This year, SIA Binders invested a lot of work building not only roads, by also water supply and sewer lines. While last year, we built a total of 14 km of outdoor water supply and sewer utilities, this year saw a number of water management development projects in Latvia, and by December, the company built 58.4 km of water and sewer lines.

The major utility line construction projects that the company worked on this year, or still continues, are:

  • expansion of sewer and water supply lines in Berģi;
  • project for the expansion of water management lines in Jūrmala;
  • development of water management services in the village of Ozolnieki;
  • construction of feed lines for the centralised sewer system in Ropaži Municipality;
  • construction of utility lines as part of the first round of construction of the Riga–Skulte road, and others.

For Binders, this season is also special because in two major projects we achieved a breakthrough, moving from years-long preparation stages to beginning the actual construction.

One of these is the construction of the infrastructure for the Rail Baltica airport hub as part of the B. S. L. Infra consortium.

In December, we also began the construction of the Ķekava bypass road, which is the first major private-public partnership (PPP) road construction project in the Baltics. It will be carried out following the ‘design, build, finance, maintain’ model. This project will also involve us working without partners as part of AS Kekava ABT ( Photos: VSIA Latvijas Valsts ceļi).