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Asphalt Production

The company Binders owns two bituminous concrete production plants (ABR) in Vangaži and Daugavpils

The bituminous concrete plants are equipped with the producer’s (AMMANN) automated software programs that provide the high-quality production process and the inventory of all materials which have been used. In addition, both plants are equipped with a number of different additive dosing equipments, which provide the ability to produce the hot bituminous concrete mixtures of various types according to the customer preferences.

The production process control system has been introduced into the productions plants, as evidenced by the Certificate of Conformity for Production Process Control No. 1325-CPR-0001 Vangaži ABR and No. 1325-CPR-0002 Daugavpils ABR.
The high-quality and certified raw materials are being used in the production, thus ensuring the quality of the products (bituminous concrete) in accordance with international EN standards, construction sites and road specifications.

On request, we can make bituminous design and produce any type of bitumen with the increased requirements for bitumen quality or bitumen functional properties, which are used for road pavements of high intensity.

The quality properties of raw materials and produced materials are tested in the company’s “Binders” Laboratory – within the territory of Vangaži and Daugavpils production facilities. for Testing of Road Building Materials