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Introduction of Environmentally Friendly Technologies

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On 16 January 2015 RCF LLC Binders has submitted a project application to the Latvia Investment and Development Agency within the framework of project “Introduction of environmentally friendly technologies in production”, for the open competition for Norwegian Financial Instrument 2009- 2014 program LV06 “Innovations in the field of “green production”.

The project aims to use in production recycled material (milled asphalt). To produce PMB bitumen and to use it in the asphalt production, which will greatly improve asphalt covering quality and useful life. As well as by adding appropriate additives to put into production warm asphalt production with good technical characteristics, which makes it possible to increase asphalt transportation distance and to ensure lower laying temperature. The new type of asphalt production takes place at lower temperatures, thus it consumes less natural gas, electricity and reduces harmful environmental emissions.

The project is intended to equip the existing Vangaži asphalt plant with crushing equipment, crushed material storage sheds, pulp and fiber dosing equipment, polymer modified bitumen production facilities and re-used (milled) asphalt recycling equipment.

On 27 March 2015, was announced a public procurement no. BND-01/2015 on purchase of Vangaži plant equipment, which was successfully concluded on 14 April 2015.

On 30 April 2015 the company received an opinion on the project approval from the Latvia Investment and Development Agency.

Based on the results of procurement in May 2015 contracts were signed with the following equipment suppliers:

Ammann Asphalt GmbH – milled asphalt recycling equipment delivery and installation;

LLC Deltars – milled asphalt storage construction;

Wirtgen Lietuva UAB – the pulp and fiber batcher delivery and installation;

Marini Makina AS – polymer bitumen modification equipment delivery and installation;

Terex Finlay Ltd – crushing equipment delivery and installation.


On 18 June 2015, was signed a trilateral agreement between Latvia Investment and Development Agency, Latvia Ministry of Economics and LLC “Road construction firm Binders” on implementation of the project (contract no. NP-2015/13).

After conclusion of the contract media have received press releases about the project launch, which was widely reported in both national electronic and local media.

RCF LLC Binders has completed construction of milled asphalt recycling equipment base and started equipment delivery and assembly.




In July 2015, was installed and commissioned Ammann milled asphalt recycling plant, Wirtgen pulp and fiber dispenser and started milled asphalt storage construction.


In Vangaži asphalt factory area was installed an informative bulletin board on the project, while at the company office address in Katlakalna street was installed a permanent information plaque on the project realization.


In August was delivered and installed Marini Makina AS polymer bitumen modification plant. In August was delivered and installed Marini Makina AS polymer bitumen modification plant, as well as started test production of asphalt production with milled recycling.




In September was produced the first batch of asphalt, where as one of the raw materials was used own produced polymer modified bitumen. At the end of the month were put into operation milled asphalt storages, delivered and tested mineral material crushing equipment Terex I-110RS.


On October 1, 2015 was officially completed implementation of the project and in this context in Vangaži plant was organized project closing conference and press conference with media representatives, where participants were informed about the project progress as well as achieved results. The Conference audience was representatives of local authorities, development agencies, professional associations, partners, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, representatives of the donor country Embassy, as well as local and national media representatives. In conclusion of the closing conference, the guests had a tour around Vangaži asphalt concrete plant, when it was possible to see all equipment installed in the course of the project, to demonstrate its operation, as well as to answer  all question from the stakeholders. Press conference was held at the same day in one of storage of the recycled material build in the scope of project. At the beginning of press conference participants were shown a video about the new technologies implemented as a result of project and their benefits. After the press conference there were several individual interviews with people involved in the project, which was reflected in the electronic media.