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The company has the necessary resources for participation in the projects on the construction of railroad infrastructure. This is the area, where Binders sees potential for development. In addition to the material and technical provision and professional skills, the company also has practical experience in the construction of railway roads.

So far the biggest construction project of the railway infrastructure, also implemented by Binders in the composition of a general partnership, is the construction of the second stage of the railway road Skrīveri-Krustpils (the general partnership Skonto Būve, BMGS, A.C.B. and Binders). Construction period: 2012-2015.

In turn, at the end of 2018 the construction of additional infrastructure on Krievu sala was completed. There were also railway roads built within the framework of the project of expansion of the multifunctional bulk cargo terminal. The company participated in the implementation of the project in the status of a sub-contractor. Construction period: 2017-2018.