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Acoustic Strips Construction

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When a car rides on a special acoustic lane, specially designed in the road surfaces, vibrations and noise is heard, thus warning the drivers from entering the contra-flow lane. They are installed on highways with high traffic intensity and in those sections of roads where the highest number of road accidents is recorded.

The company “Binders” has experience in constructing rigid lanes or acoustic strips in several stages on the Tīnūži-Koknese motorway. Altogether, in 24 km long axial line, a few cm deep mills (cuts) of certain sizes were created that formed the rigid lane. After milling, the axial line was coated with a thermoplastic horizontal marking.

During this process, the asphalt milling cutter Wirtgen W 35 DC was used. The technology is designed to disturb the transport communication as little as possible. All the technical equipments involved in the process, were operating in a unified manner.