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Concrete Pavement Construction

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Concrete work volumes are more and more integrated into solutions of the infrastructure construction projects. Concrete fields are used for the provision of specific quality requirements, where particularly durable and solid covers are required, for example, in the construction of different military sites or airfield platforms and runways.

The company Binders provides the construction of concrete covers. Within the framework of the construction project of the military infrastructure of NATO and the Ministry of Defence of Latvia the reinforced concrete cover and the rain water drainage system was built in Adazi together with cooperation partners.

Construction of freight aircraft service infrastructure at Riga International Airport. The heavy-duty aircraft apron and taxiways have a concrete surface. The thickness is 42 cm for the apron and 25 cm for the taxiways. The total amount of concrete laid in this project was 13,000 m3. The concreting work covered an area of 36,770 m2 or more than 3 hectares.