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“Binders”- 2019

This year we worked on more than 50 construction sites in the Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme and Riga regions, as well as in the largest cities of Latvia – Riga, Daugavpils.

The biggest sites for the company this year in the Riga region – reconstruction of cover of the Sigulda motorway in the stage from Garkalne to “Sēnīte”, reconstruction of the stage of Jūrmala motorway, construction of the cargo aeroplane platform in Riga International Airport, and construction of the centre square and sewerage networks in Ikšķile.

In the Kurzeme region construction works were completed this summer on the motorway Ventspils (Leči) – Grobiņa in the 20 km long stage from Labrags to Mežaine, and reinforcement of the cover of the motorway Ventspils – Kuldīga – Saldus was commenced in the 20 km long stage from Ventspils to the turn to Ziras.

The largest projects this year implemented by the company Binders in Riga: Renovation of the cover of Krasta Street, in the stage from Ogres Street to Salu Bridge, reconstruction of the 2nd phase of Salu Bridge, where the company worked in the status of a sub-contractor, as well as construction of the water pipe on Jaunciema gatve.

The company has lots of work on the Latgale side this year. Construction of the tram line of more than 2 km long in Stropi was completed in Daugavpils. At the same time, in the city centre Binders commenced reconstruction of the almost 20 year old tram ways this summer. By the end of the year it is planned to complete construction of Daugava promenade on the right bank of the Daugava, in the surroundings of Gajoka suburb. This year the volume of work is also coming to an end within the framework of the reconstruction project of the overpass and adjacent streets of Smiltene Street. Reinforcement of cover of the Daugavpils bypass (Kalkūni – Tilti) in an 8 km long distance was also completed in the autumn.