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Binders- 2020

In 2020, the road construction company SIA Binders has implemented various infrastructure construction or reconstruction projects in all regions of the country. The company worked within the framework of contractual obligations for the arrangement of main roads, as well as regional and local roads of the country. Various projects have been implemented with different technological requirements included therein – full reconstruction of the road surface, change of the road surface, surface treatment, etc. Projects of state joint stock companies, local governments of Latvia and local government institutions have been implemented. Construction works have also been organised and implemented outside Latvia. Last year, the execution of the order of the Lithuanian Road Administration – the reconstruction of the regional road Kūlupenai – Darbenai of national importance was started.

SIA Binders worked in the construction or renovation processes of various infrastructures. In addition to the road and street repair works, last year the volume of construction works was also completed in the territory of the Riga International Airport airfield, as well as the reconstruction works of the tram lines in Daugavpils have been finished. A number of projects of military importance have also been implemented.

Last year, the company also worked extensively on the reconstruction of external water supply and sewerage networks.

The largest projects implemented in 2020

Reconstruction of the central square and infrastructure in Ikšķile. Customer – Ikšķile Municipality local government.

Reconstruction of the Vidzeme highway in a 14 km-long section, including the Sēnīte traffic junction, has been completed within the framework of the suppliers’ association Binders un A.C.B. Customer – SJSC Latvijas Valsts ceļi.

The road surface has been rebuilt in the section of the Jūrmala highway by the suppliers’ association A.C.B. un Binders. Customer – SJSC Latvijas Valsts ceļi.

Two projects have been implemented in Riga International Airport. A special platform and infrastructure have been built for receiving and servicing cargo aircraft. Within the framework of the second project, a new rapid exit taxiway was built in the territory of the airfield, as well as the asphalt concrete pavement of the runway was partially restored. Customer – SJSC Riga International Airport.

In the centre of Daugavpils, a total of 3.4 km of tram lines have been renovated and modernised. Customer – SIA Daugavpils satiksme.

One of the largest and most challenging projects implemented by SIA Binders in Riga during the construction season of 2020 was the renovation of the pavement of Aleksandra Čaka Street in the section from Merķeļa to Pērnavas Street. The company worked as a subcontractor on the site. Project client – Riga City Council Traffic Department.

The construction works started last year will continue in several large-scale projects this year. Reconstruction of the transit street in Salacgrīva will continue and be completed. Construction works will continue at the construction site of the traffic overpass in Sarkandaugava, where the company works as a part of the suppliers’ association OTC. Infrastructure construction works at the border crossing point “Silene”, as well as the pavement reconstruction process on the 8 km-long section of the A13 Grebņeva-Medumi motorway will continue.

Facts and data 2020

The total length of road sections in which construction works were performed this year – 465.8 km.

Construction works in several squares, territories – a total of 355,411 m2.

External water supply and sewerage networks were installed in a length of about 14 km.

Volume of asphalt laid – 232,404 t.

Asphalted approximately 1,185,733 m2 or 118 ha.

The Bituminous Concrete Plant in Vangaži has achieved the highest annual production ever – a little over 153,000 tonnes of asphalt.

The Bituminous Concrete Plant in Daugavpils produced a little more than 76,216 tonnes of asphalt last year.

The biggest challenges

Road construction is one of the sectors operating at full capacity and even on a larger scale during the pandemic, given that last spring the government decided to allocate an additional sum of EUR 75 million to road repairs. During the construction season it posed an increased challenge for the builders – to manage the accumulation of capacity, rationally allocating resources to cover the volume.

Along with the granting of additional financing and the unplanned increase in the amount of work, the issue of operative procurement of additional raw materials necessary for asphalt production became very important and topical.

The Binders bituminous concrete plant was able to produce the required volume, owing to the far-sighted investment projects in the introduction of new asphalt production technologies. Last year, the plants used more than 50,000 tonnes of already milled, stored material, which can be used for secondary asphalt production after inspections and recycling.

As in previous construction seasons, one of the biggest problems in the industry last year was the lack of available workforce.