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Bituminous Concrete Plant in Vangaži

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AMMANN UniGlobe 240/320 with a maximum production capacity of 240 t/h. When producing RAP asphalt, the production capacity can be increased up to 300 t/h.

The bituminous concrete plant in Vangaži was constructed by German company AMMANN Asphalt GmbH. according to special project ordered by the company. The new plant was commissioned in July 2007 and today is regarded as the most modern production unit of such kind in the Baltic States. All most modern technologies used in the production process of asphalt in Europe are installed there.

In 2015, the major project with the Norwegian co-financing was implemented to improve and modernize the production facilities. Several additional equipments have been installed in Vangaži bituminous concrete plant, as well as new bitumen production technologies have been introduced:

  • recycled use of the milled asphalt (RA) in the bitumen production – the plant is equipped with RAH70 equipment, which allows adding up to 60% of mass of the hot milled asphalt during the production process;
  • warm asphalt production – using special relevant additives, which improve the technical properties of the asphalt covering and increase the transport distance of the asphalt mass;
  • polymer modified bitumen production (PMB) – Marini Makina PMB facility (Model modiFalt 20) is installed on the plant site. Using PMB in asphalt production improves the fundamental properties of bituminous concrete, as well as significantly extends the life of asphalt pavement.