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Kinds of testing

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Ground testing

Almost all projects of civil construction are implemented by supporting on or digging into the soil (ground). Unlike the other raw materials of construction which have a strictly regulated production quality control the grounds are used in their natural way. Their suitability for construction of the object must be verified. The road construction material laboratory of RCF LLC Binders determines the physical and mechanical properties of the ground in both laboratory conditions and in the object.

Mineral material testing

The main raw material for construction is graded material of various fractions. In loose state it is used for construction and strengthening of foundations or as a skeleton in hydraulically bound materials. Testing of mineral materials is performed in the laboratory on a daily basis, starting from taking samples of materials in quarries and up to strength tests lasting for several weeks.

Asphalt-concrete testing

Asphalt is produced for the black road covers by adding the binding agent, bitumen, to the mineral materials mixed in defined proportions under temperature impact. Sometimes specific natural or chemical materials – cellulose, polymers or pigments, are added to the mixture to attain the needed asphalt characteristics.

The laboratory of Binders is equipped to perform the required asphalt mass and raw material test production process control as well as to evaluate the quality of asphalt-concrete laid in the objects.