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The road construction company SIA Binders has the experience and necessary resources for the construction of tram lines. Construction, reconstruction of rails, renovation projects of transformer substations were implemented in Riga and Daugavpils.

In 2023, a project was implemented in Riga at the intersection of 11 November Embankment and 13 Janvāra Street – rebuilt tram tracks and their transfer.


In 2023, the reconstruction of tram tracks and related infrastructure was completed in the center of Riga.


Reconstruction of tram tracks in Daugavpils in 2020. The reconstruction of lines on the routes in the city centre and outside of it.  In total the infrastructure of rail roads of 3.4 km  reconstructed.


In 2019 the 2.5 km long rail road and the related infrastructure was built for the new tram line from 18.novembra Street up to Stropi.


In 2014 the renovation project of city tram lines and transformer substations was implemented in Daugavpils. In total, 6.2 km of tram lines were rebuilt in the city.


In 2013 the company reconstructed the 2.6 km long stage of rails Jugla – Ropažu Street in Riga.